Macros & Motherhood was created as a result of my own personal journey towards health and wellness.  After the birth of my daughter, I desperately needed to change my lifestyle. I started with an Instagram where I posted my ketogenic meals, weight loss milestones and fitness accomplishments.  The community that I found there really helped to push me further toward my goals and kept me accountable and on track.  The Keto community online was and continues to be instrumental in my own personal success.  It quickly grew, and I needed something bigger and better than just an Instagram account.  That’s how Macros & Motherhood was born!

This blog is dedicated to not only sharing keto recipes and recommendations, but also to highlight the search for balance between living a healthy lifestyle – in a civilization that does not always prioritize wellness – and the crazy great chaos around raising my baby girl. I am not an expert on diet, fitness or parenting by any means.  My goal is that maybe my discoveries, failures, and successes can be inspirational or informative to someone else in the community.

About Andi Swing

IMG_1055My name is Andi! I live in the Pacific Northwest and am a wife, mother, CrossFitter, and avid keto diet fan! I have never had a great relationship with food.  I was raised on the traditional American diet, high in processed carbohydrates and sugar.  The information and knowledge that is out there now about food and health just wasn’t available then. I yo-yo dieted for my whole teenage and adult life, never really seeming to make any real progress that would stick around.  I also never really had a healthy attitude towards exercise. I treated it as a chore and a burden and something that was no fun at all.  I was a master excuse maker, and could turn any situation into a really great reason to fall off my diet plan or skip the gym.

It wasn’t until my pregnancy that my mentality started to shift.  As my body shifted and changed and grew, it really freaked me out.  By the end, I was so huge and uncomfortable and felt so weak in many ways.  I didn’t work out at all during my pregnancy and ate what I wanted (which included fast food and take out most days). After Madelyn’s birth, I suddenly so desperately wanted to do a crunch! I wanted to feel strong so badly.

After six weeks of recovery and learning to live and thrive with baby, I decided it was time.  I did the New Year’s Resolution thing, and vowed to get myself together in 2018. I joined a CrossFit gym (picked solely because they allowed me to bring Madelyn) and, after lots of Googling, started experimenting with low carb eating habits.  Keto resonated with me almost immediately.  I can lose weight and eat all my favorite foods? I was in! I was so tired of the diets where your expected to subsist on celery sticks and was always left hungry, or diets that pushed processed low-fat, low-calorie options versus whole food in its natural form.

The Keto diet has been the perfect diet for me, to the point that it has turned into a lifestyle and not just a “diet”.  It can be totally transformational and I hope inspire you on your journey as well!