Keto Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

These cookies are kind of like a sugar cookie or a shortbread, with homemade raspberry jam in the middle. They are delicious, and insanely low carb (0.7g net per cookie) so they are pretty much guilt free! They are quick and easy to make, even with making the jam from scratch. Enjoy!


Keto Zucchini “Bran” Muffins

I love keto baking! I especially love being able to make Keto-Approved versions of my old favorites. These Zucchini bread "bran" muffins taste so good and satisfy that craving for bread. These are super easy to make and are under 2g net carbs per muffin! Give them a try!

Keto Salted Dark Chocolate Brownie Cakes

Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate goes so well together, and these brownie cakes are no exception. They have a chewy, more doughy cake texture and a subtle sweetness thats really satisfying to my sweet tooth. They are also a good base for you to customize - add nuts, peanut butter, frosting or toppings to make this recipe your own. At 2.8g net carbs per cake, you can fit these into your macros any day.